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We love to eat

and try all the essence
the world's food can offer.


Exploring hidden gems around town is a great way to discover new flavours and expand your culinary horizons.

Everyone's taste buds are unique, so your experience may differ from others. Give it a try! You might love it and discover a new favourite dish. But if it's not to your liking, it's okay - it's just not for your palate. Ultimately, these experiences help you and your taste buds decide what foods you enjoy and don't, leading to a more fulfilling food journey.

We love to share our stories about dining at different restaurants. From the hidden gems to the Michelin-starred restaurants, we have experienced the best of what each city has to offer and want to share it with you, whether you're looking to try something new or revisit an old favourite.


Happy reading!

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Eat & Drink

Eating Herring

"Food simply isn't important to me" - Alice Paul -

            ... "However, experience does!" - a+ -


Who are we

and why we want you to
experience the world's food can offer.

Image by Dan Gold

Write about why a bunch of us trying all these foods!

We would like to thank AGATHA JOE CREATIVE for hosting our page. We are grateful.
We can now share our food view; the excitement of sharing it here with the world is pure kindness.

Indeed, we are giving back with stories of these beautiful plates to share. We hope what we write here will bring you the joy of reading and motivate you to get up, rush to these places, and experience the beautifully prepared food at your table. Thank you AJ!


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