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We love to eat

and try all the essence
the world's food can offer.


We believe that dining out is more than just about satisfying our cravings. It’s an experience that engages all our senses and takes us on a culinary journey. We understand that dining out encompasses a wide variety of factors, including delicious food, excellent service, comfortable ambience, and authentic cuisine that celebrates the diversity of culinary experiences. We are passionate about sharing our love for food and creating unforgettable dining experiences for our readers.

Happy reading!
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Eat & Drink

Eating Herring

Food simply isn't important to me.
Alice Paul 


 ...  However, experience does!


Have you ever wanted to know what food in other countries tastes like? We are so lucky that some food vendors and restaurants bring their food culture to us so we can taste it without travelling.

However, let's admit that some tastes are new to our taste buds. It's so strange that it tastes so good. Or, so beautiful presented but not our like for the taste.

Our experiences are for you to see how we enjoyed this wonderfully prepared food visually, and it is up to you to go there and appreciate how we did!

Reading our opinions about these restaurants might help you decide where to go. Imagine this food journey, which will give you ideas of what dinner tonight is: a quick bite for lunch or a fabulous lunch or brunch with fantastic service, great food, and, if you are lucky, a beautiful view.


There are a variety of textures, spices, colours and, mostly, flavours. In this blog, we express how we enjoy our experience. We go, eat and then write. It is so simple that some might see us as a starving group of people and write whatever. Trying new things in life is a great thing to achieve. We might not like them, but we did it.

In this world, we sometimes forget how hard a meal is to prepare. Therefore, we would like you to understand how simple meals are; there are always people who work their best and add their creativity and food science for us to enjoy, share and experience.


Book your next reservation with friends or family or just by yourself!

Go ahead and order whatever interests you from the menu. They are always ready to take home for your next meal tomorrow, and of course, spend responsibly according to your wallet.


Please enjoy reading these posts, and bring your friends and family to where you should go next.

We write

for you to experience
about anything with flavour.

Our “anonymous” team is dedicated to seeking the best dining

experiences, sharing honest and detailed reviews, and providing

readers with a platform to discover new and exciting restaurants.

Our mission is to provide reliable and trustworthy food reviews while

celebrating the diversity of culinary arts. We take pride in exploring new restaurants, food trucks, and exotic dishes worldwide. We love sharing our experiences and believe that food brings people together. Our reviews highlight great eats that bring a smile to our faces. Check out our reviews to find inspiration for your next culinary adventure, and don’t forget to subscribe to read our latest entry reviews.

Let us know if there’s something new you want us to try!

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