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our story

The Loft is a burger restaurant that will bring you the flavour of the world by supporting the local produce and brewery to highlight the diversity of Hasting Sunrise.

mission and vision

The Loft is a place for a diverse community to share their culture representing food that gives a taste of home. And this will offer the community to show their support and share ethnic history.

“A burger
without sauce
is like a hug
without a squeeze.

So we make

ours messy.”



the loft

Emphasizing the architecture of old hasting sunrise, the name “The Loft” is born.

The idea here is to keep the neighbourhood as a vibrant community rich in diversity and history (mill workers, dairy farmers, logging), for diverse local business owners have a place to eat that remind them of a taste of home.

And since the area was popular residential development between 1st Avenue and Renfrew ten years after WWII, the convenient shopping areas, community centres, parks are the assets for new home owners/immigrants to grow and continue the local activities.

project notes.

Looking into sunrise colours, local produce, breweries, diversity of community, family.

The Loft - Moodboard.jpg


1. step one

Coming up with an upcoming logo that would be appropriate with the Hasting Sunrise demographics, sketches made.

2. step two

It progressed to fine-tune the chosen concept until the final look that will represent and speak for itself.


Our logo, “The Loft Saucy Burger”, include a graphic of a burger that will replace the letter “O” to show our service and the word “Saucy Burger” is the statement that we are focused on the sauce also the burger.



colour specification



The-Loft - Stationery.jpg
The-Loft - Posters.jpg


"A new sauce?"



annual report

2021 company annual report layout.

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