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and the simply irresistible delicacy experiences.

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to our journey to a place of flavour wonder

    that will dance above your tongue and

           give you an explosion of tastes.

addie+ will take you on a journey of

.colourful and flavourful plates

We love to eat

and try all the essence
the world's food can offer.

Join our journey to the wonder of flavour
that will nourish your palate to a new level to understand food.

We would like to thank AGATHA JOE CREATIVE for hosting our page. We are grateful.
We can now share our food view; the excitement of sharing it here with the world is pure kindness.

Indeed, we are giving back with stories of these beautiful plates to share. We hope what we write here will bring you the joy of reading and motivate you to get up, rush to these places, and experience the beautifully prepared food at your table. Thank you AJ!

Drop an email if you need any branding or re-branding of your business. May this opportunity bring your business to sail away to the infinite journey.


Remember when you experienced the ultimate, absolutely irresistible food lover's dream?

Growing up in a place where snacking is an available thing to do every day and at any time. Someone once said we eat to feel full instead of enjoying the food. We did enjoy anything about the food where we were. Perhaps there are not enough tasty snacks to try here and there.

We might not know what an authentic dish tastes like, but we know when a meal is good.

We like to explore our taste buds. So, we book a table, enjoy the feast with friends, and then write about our experiences and share them with you. We love to celebrate life as simply as possible over meals and drinks. Sharing stories, laughs, and the company of friendship.

Busy Market

About Anything

Eat & Drink

Eating Herring

"Food simply isn't important to me" - Alice Paul -

            ... "However, experience does!" - a+ -


food, drink, travel, comfort and service

We all have this urge when we are hungry. We want to satisfy our taste buds regardless of our situation. Sometimes, I like having a cone of ice cream during cold winter.

Or I would have a bowl of spicy soup on a hot, sunny day. When you want it right now,
you must have it. 
The sooner, the better. Once you reach that state of satisfaction, you know that you are the happiest person on the table, and of course, it will bring you the joy of you to go through the day or night.

So, we will visit these hidden gems around town, and allow us to express and describe how the food tastes. This experience might not be the same for everyone. Try it! If you like it,
you will love it. If not, then the food is not for your palate.

However, experiences will get your palate and you in a partnership of deciding on the food journey.

So, explore the journey.
Let's get your taste buds for the food adventures.

Welcome to the Posts

We love to share our stories about dining at different restaurants. From the hidden gems to the Michelin-starred restaurants, we have experienced the best of what each city has to offer and want to share it with you, whether you're looking to try something new or revisit an old favourite. Happy reading!


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