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OLYMPIA - inspiring women

The name "Olympia" derives from the ancient Olympic Games, staged to honour Olympians, display their gifts, and share excellence.

The publication's main themes are the flexibility of successful women sharing their stories and inspiration.

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We are an inspiring publication that features success stories in the arts, business, sports, entertainment, interviews, and lifestyle.

Our goal is to welcome all women and invite them to share their best-shared success stories with our future talented goddess in their field of expertise. We value creativity, style, health, and living a meaningful life. Women inspire other women through exclusive interviews, which OLYMPIA offers uniquely.


They are ambitious women who are intelligent and professional in their fields and are looking for new ways to improve themselves and inspire others. They seek recent trends, news, insights, and creative collaboration ideas that their role model influences. They are zealous, determined, spirited, and involved in their communities.

Gender : 85% her, 15% him

Age : 27 - 39

Education : Bachelor/College Degree

Income : $50-95K /annum

Geo Location: Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal Central

Business District

Occupation : Designers, Entrepreneurs/Investors, Women of sports/athletes, Photographers, Creative

Directors, Fashion Designers, Women of creative.

Brands/Products/Services/Activities they like :

Nike, Adidas, Lululemon, ARC'TERYX, CNN, BBC,

Sony, Canon, Apple, Samsung, reading, hiking,

yoga, wine and cocktail.

OLYMPIA is a publication for women who want to help other women become more powerful.

It's a site where anyone can share their success stories and help fresh talent in the realms of creative, business, and entertainment.

The goddess's colour, silver and gold, is majestic, powerful, and courageous, as are the contents of the magazine.

The cover photo should be sharp and elegant, capturing the grace of the person featured in the main piece.

Silver or gold, the brand's principal colours, can be used in the logo.

Brand typography types include Abril Fatface Serif and Roboto San Serif.

They are simple to read but elegant, as they are words of wisdom from the magazine's accomplished women who share their tales.

OLYMPIA magazine will bring women together and inspire them to tell more untold experiences.

The photos and content on the feature page will be 50 percent copy and 50 percent photography.

The layout of the spreads shows a simple grid system with flexible text boxes that can be positioned in different directions. The template is not restrictive but is not too limited in adaptability depending on the content of the feature materials.

The online layout is in a similar manner to the print layout. It is clean, with the main story taking up the middle part of the page and the previous or next story of the same category, preview on the left-hand side.

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