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  • Publication

  • Editorial Design

case study

To create a jazz magazine that highlights the most significant players, artists and their creations that inspires us all in the community of kinds of talents.

Jazz Times Mockup.jpg
Jazz Times_Page_1.jpg

A jazz magazine where jazz enthusiasts, artists, and interested audiences can read and share their success stories to motivate and inspire new talent in the fields of creativity, business management, and entertainment.

The cover photo should be sharp and elegant, capturing the fineness of the person's talent featured in the main piece.

Gold, the brand's principal colour, can be used in the logo.

Brand typography types include Lora Serif and Poppins San Serif.

They are easy to read, inspiring stories that motivate our upcoming creative music makers.

It's also an online publication with interactive buttons that allow you to skip ahead or back a page.

Jazz Times Mockup 2.jpg
Jazz Times Mockup 3.jpg
Jazz Times Mockup 1.jpg
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