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It was a sunny day. The queue was not long when we arrived, giving us time to see and be amazed at the exterior.

On the weekend, everyone has lunch outside their home to enjoy beautiful sunny Montreal.

Later on, we were seated. We ordered the sandwiches with pickled and sauerkraut sides and homemade french fries. Don't forget to order the famous black cherry soda.

The lean meat sandwich was good. If you are concerned about your diet, please don't come here. This place is only for people who enjoy meat and are unafraid of protein. However, treating yourself once in a while won't hurt. A selection of homemade pickles is recommended to try.

The highlight of this place is the Smoked Duck! You have to order it 3 to 4 days in advance. Heat it in the oven per the instructions given.

The duck meat was so tender! To the bone!

Peppercorn rubbed was still on the Duck, with the crispy duck skin on top of juicy meat. I didn't bother to slice it for a sandwich. Just pull it. Or, Eat as is! Unless you want to have it with your favourite salad.

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