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It was the end of Spring in Montreal around sunset, and there was a line on 1844 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal.

Feature dishes with fresh produce were on the wall, and the decision to make was what would be the great dish to have tonight.

Greeted and seated at the bar, where you can watch the cooks interact and create exquisite dishes plated and garnished.

A gentle server came over and handed the menu—pages after pages flipped through during the two minutes. There were so many choices to choose from. Feeling too overwhelmed with the food lists, I looked at the corner of the kitchen, where papers were glued to the wall. They were the specials of the day. So, without hesitation, we ordered the entire specials on the wall.

Steam was piping on the side of the stove, and sizzling sounds were slowly watering the mouth, watching the Seabass placed on top of the grill. The skin curled and started to cook. Then it set in the middle of a bed of fresh salad with a hint of citrus vinaigrette.

Imagine having to bite that steamy grilled fish with the signature reduced sauce and cold sake to pair it.

It was so exciting when one of the plates arrived. The colour, the freshness and the fragrance of it, mouth-watering, could not be teased anymore. The plate goes around, and we experience the tastiest flavour!

Two friends of strangers were sitting next to us, and they did not contain their curiosity over our excitement over the plate that we were enjoying. I gave our plate for them to try and finish. They wondered and told me why our dish was being shared. We simply replied that another same plate would be ordered shortly and to the ladies to enjoy the rest.

New plates of dishes kept coming to our little space on the bar, passing them around like a feast of celebration. The best seats in this place and watched them work on their flair with excellent produce, turning them into tasty dishes that will give you a new view of the simplicity of flavour and ingredients.

Enough said, go there, line up, get the table (bar seat recommended), don't forget your choice of beverages and enjoy! Itadakimasu!

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