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Delara - A Persian Gem

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Once a year, Nowruz is celebrated with a feast. 

It is the day of the Persian New Year, which also marks the beginning of spring. 

Pomegranate molasses marinated olives as an appetizer, accompanied by a sparkling, sweet, fresh sharbat of orange barberry.

We ordered the lamb shank and the whole rainbow trout for our main course. 

The succulent lamb shank is served with Sabzipolo, moist herb rice fragrant with parsley, coriander, and dill. The meat is cooked to perfection and is soft and tender. The unique pomegranate molasses sauce adds a delightful tang to the rice.

The whole fish, a visual delight, is served on a tray with pickles, salad, yoghurt with herb oil, bulgur, Kookoo sabzi (herb pancake stacks), and more herb rice. The fish, with its crispy skin and tender flesh, is a treat for the palate. The mix of herb rice and bulgur creates a symphony of flavours, making this a balanced and flavourful feast.

Dinner is always lovely, served with a glass of wine. We have a delicious Tibaldi Barbera Alba, the finest Italian wine, on the menu. It is sweet yet full-bodied. 

To end this wonderful time, we have a chocolate halva cake with a scoop of Earl Grey ice cream drizzled with sesame caramel sauce and walnut honey baklava.

The halva cake comes with a bit of halva (sesame paste) surprise in the middle of the cake. 

As for the baklava, you can experience all three elements in one bite. The filo gives you the crispness and sweetness of the dates and the texture of the walnut. When you have the lemon honey cream, everything becomes so creamy inside your mouth, and then the bite of the poached apple bursts and gives you the last sensation of sweetness. 

Well, that was our dining experience at Delara. 

Perhaps you want to experience the rest of their menu. It was a simply irresistible experience for us. 

Ta! 👋




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