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Kia Ora


I am a creative specialist with a strong background in graphic design, publication, advertising and photography. Specializes in advertising services creating unique products, branding strategies and solutions to develop distinctive brand value. Cooperates with different countries and works remotely from Vancouver with clients in New Zealand.

If you are unfamiliar with my work, I would like to use this site to give you a better idea of my work.
I am an adaptable creative who listens and understand your objectives—no games or marketing platitudes.

I work with individuals and companies to help locate the right ideas or concepts for any business.
Over twenty years of experience means that if you want an eye-catching design for your start-up company,
re-branding your business, refresh the stationery, or want something done on target, then look no further. I will be happy to work with you to help fulfil your needs, or we can chat over coffee.


Ka kite ano.
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